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Kia Kaha - Stay Safe


Mother's Day is a celebration honouring mothers and celebrating motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world,

Mothers day celebrated on the Second Sunday of May in New Zealand, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and a few other countries.
Sweden celebrates it on the Last Sunday of May.
Norway has already celebrated their Mums on the Second Sunday of February, but they have their own very special day coming - 17 May!

10% discount on all items in this category - sale ends next Monday the 13th May.

  •  If You Care Parchment Baking Paper
    Perfect size for your baking.
    Environment friendly greaseproof paper.
    Unbleached Chlorine Free.
    No greasing necessary.
    19.8m x 33cm
    Product of Finland
    NZ$ 15.00 19.8m
  • Anthon Berg - Chocolate Liqueurs 8pc
    Perfect for any festive occasion, these miniature, dark chocolate bottles (min. 55% cocoa) are filled with some of the world’s most prestigious spirit brands. Rémy Martin®, Cointreau®, Grand Marnier® and other favourites are harmoniously combined with the rich, robust flavours of premium chocolate.
    Each bottle is individually wrapped in foil representative of the liqueur brand’s bottle. Give them as a gift or ‘share a round‘ with friends after dinner. (Alcohol content min. 2.5% max. 5% w/w).
    NZ$ 15.00 125g
  • Anthon Berg - Plum In Madeira 275g
    A marriage of Fruit in Marzipan that has stood the test of time and we think will live happily ever after. The finest marzipan found the fruit filling irresistible so they decided to tie the knot. To celebrate we covered them in smoothly delicious dark chocolate.
    NZ$ 18.00 275g
  • Felt magnets, dalahorse, 6p
    6 beautiful dalahorse magnets in felt.
    Size 65x65mm
    NZ$ 12.00 6-pack
  • Fold Out Paper Row - Dalahorse
    Beautiful Christmas Paper Fold Out Garland. 6 Dala horses.
    Size: 69 x 15,5 cm
    NZ$ 8.00 Paper Row
  • Hanger - Couple
    Hanger "Couple" in ironforging.

    The perfect gift for the perfect couple...

    Height: 125mm
    Width: 85mm
    NZ$ 55.00 Each
    NZ$ 30.00 Each
  • Helosan - Skin Lotion
    Helosan is an all-round skin lotion for daily use with antiseptic and moisturizing qualities.
    NZ$ 20.00 100g
  • Hook - Silver girl
    Gorgeous small hook with strong adhesive back, ready to hang anywhere
    NZ$ 15.00 Each
  • Idomin - Skin Ointment
    Idomin is a skin care product for the whole family. It soothes and restores dry, chapped or irritated skin. Completely water resistant with zink and vitamin E
    NZ$ 8.00 50g
  • Marsan - Vanilla Custard/Sauce Powder - 7port  - Short date sale 17/05/2020
    The Swedish "Ekströms® Marsan powder" makes a sweet vanilla custard/Sauce.
    Mix the powder with milk and you will have a beautifully thick vanilla sauce or a thicker custard instantly. No boiling required.

    A must for your princess cake and other Scandinavian desserts. A great compliment to your apple cake.

    Short date sale - BBF: 17/05/2020
    NZ$ 4.50 91g
    NZ$ 3.00 91g
  • Napkin Holder - Strawberry
    I love these napkin holders, so practical and beatiful at the same time. Keeps your napkins always in reach,

    13×12 cm
    NZ$ 45.00 Each
  • Napkin holder - Cat
    I love these napkin holders, so practical and beatiful at the same time. Keeps your napkins always in reach,

    14×12 cm
    NZ$ 45.00 Each
  • Reflex - dala horse
    Be seen in the dark!
    Decorative Dala horse reflex.
    NZ$ 5.50
  • Scandinavian Summer Print - House by the lake
    Beautiful Paper Prints with a traditional Scandinavian motif

    size 36x16cm
    NZ$ 6.50 print
  • Scandinavian Summer Print - Sailing Boat
    Beautiful Paper Prints with a traditional Scandinavian motif

    size 79x43 cm
    NZ$ 10.00 print
  • Serviettes - Carl Larsson - Breakfast under the big birch
    3-ply Serviettes with classical motif by Carl Larsson - Breakfast under the big birch

    20 tissues - 33x33cm
    NZ$ 8.00 Pack
  • Serviettes - Carl Larsson - Flowers on the windowsill
    Beautiful Serviettes with a classic Carl Larsson motif - Flowers on the windowsill.

    20 serviettes per pack

    size 33x33
    NZ$ 8.00 Pack
  • Smörkniv
    A butter knife is a utensil that is used to spread dairy products (butter, margarine) or other soft toppings on the sandwich, for example. Butter Knives have no sharp edge, and is traditionally made of wood. This one is made from beech.
    NZ$ 6.50
  • Trägaffel-Wooden Chefs Fork
    A wooden fork is a must-have when cooking stews and sauces. Perfect for non stick pots and pans.
    NZ$ 7.50 31cm
  • DAIM, family bag
    Daim is a almond caramel core coated in smooth milk chocolate – simply addictive.
    NZ$ 13.00 200g
    Out Of Stock
  • K-Salat Remoulade Sauce - Short Date Sale
    An essential ingredient on the Danish open-face roast beef sandwiches (smørrebrød). Also commonly used as a condiment for fish and commonly served on hot dogs, together with mustard, ketchup, raw and roasted onions.

    *** Short Date Sale - BBF: 15/06/2019 ***
    NZ$ 10.00 375gr
    NZ$ 1.80 375gr
    Out Of Stock
  • Leksand Blue Gift Tin
    Beautiful breadbox, for Leksand Triangle Crispbread to keep your bread crispier for longer.
    Crispbread not included.
    NZ$ 12.00 box
    Out Of Stock
  • Marianne - Peppermint chocolate
    Marianne candy was launched in Finland 1949. The product combines the Russian confectionery tradition with a French mint flavour.
    NZ$ 8.00 120g
    Out Of Stock
  • Serviettes - Dala Horses
    Beautiful Serviettes with a classic dala horse motif.

    20 tissues size 33x33
    NZ$ 8.00 Pack
    Out Of Stock
  • Stekspade - Chefs Spatula with wooden handle
    A stainless steel spatula from with wooden handle from Xantia is a must-have when turning pancakes and meatballs.
    NZ$ 20.00 28cm
    Out Of Stock

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