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We have experienced a spike in volumes moving through our national Express Freight Network. While we are reviewing and adjusting operational capacity on a daily basis, the above operating procedures and spike in volumes are unfortunately creating delays in our service performance, and we appreciate your understanding and patience during this period.

As a guideline, we are working hard to limit these service delays to:

  • Within Island Deliveries: + 2-3 Days
  •  Between Island Deliveries: + 3-4 Days
  •  Rural Deliveries: + 4-7 days

NZ Post (Sending to PO Box):

We’re seeing a significant increase in parcel volumes. While the majority of parcels are being delivered within 3 days, some parcel deliveries are delayed up to 5 days, and in Auckland up to 2 weeks. We expect this volume to continue over the following weeks, so there will be ongoing delays.

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  • Lindvalls Coffee - Brygg - EKO Fair Trade - short date sale
    Organic/Fair Trade Coffee

    Plunger/Filter grind.

    Lindvall's Organic/Fair Trade Coffee. Can it get any better? Why not try a cup?

    *** Short date sale - BBF: 15/09/2019 ***
    NZ$ 18.00 450g
    NZ$ 12.15 450g
  • Lindvalls Coffee - Premium - Short Date Sale
    Plunger/Filter grind.
    The Lindvalls Premium blend has been conceived with passion, in the spirit Lindvall's best traditions. A dark roast with a rich taste made from 100% Arabica beans derived from Kenya, Burundi and Ethiopia beans with their citrus flavoured fruits and with added sweet tones from Colombian and Brazilian beans.

    *** Short Date Sale -BBF: 10/06/2018 ***
    NZ$ 19.00 450g
    NZ$ 12.60 450g
  • Zoegas Mezzo - Short date Sale
    Zoegas MEZZO is our medium roast coffee with a mild and subtle taste. Made with a blend of coffee beans from Brazil, the high proportion of fine East African coffee beans gives a clear Zoegas character and gives the coffee a deep richness and flavor.
    100% Arabica beans.

    *** Short date Sale - BBF: 01/06/2018 ***
    NZ$ 26.50 450g
    NZ$ 22.05 450g
  • Lindvalls Coffee - Brygg - Dark Roast (Skåne Rost) - Short Date Sale 28/05/2018
    Dark Roast

    Plunger/Filter grind.

    A filter-ground blend with a darker roast. The result is a strong, aromatic coffee that's especially popular in the southern Swedish province of Skåne. Why? Well, some people claim it's because the people down there, with their reputation for thrift, like a stronger coffee because it goes a little further.

    *** Short Date Sale -BBF: 28/05/2018 ***
    NZ$ 17.00 450g
    NZ$ 11.70 450g
    Out Of Stock
  • Lindvalls Coffee - Tricolore - French Roast - short date sale
    Tricolore - French roast coffee (a little darker than our regular dark roast) for those who like it strong and aromatic. Perfect for making Espresso,

    *** Short date sale - BBF 14/09/2019***
    NZ$ 17.00 450g
    NZ$ 12.15 450g
    Out Of Stock
  • Zoegas Intenzo - Short date Sale
    Zoega INTENZO grows on the sunny mountain slopes in Central America. From there to the cup through a careful selection of the best beans and a conservative dark roasting. The coffee is a bit softer and the flavor is characterized by a fullness and roundness.

    INTENZO have a full clean scent of black currant with hints of vanilla. Flavor has a fresh acidity and a light fruitiness leaning to green apple. After-taste is slightly bitter with liquorice prominent.

    *** Short date Sale - BBF: 04/2019 ***
    NZ$ 23.00 450g
    NZ$ 17.10 450g
    Out Of Stock

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