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  • Gevalia Mörkrost
    A little darker roasted coffee with a well balanced mix of coffee beans from Central and South America. The result is a rich and tasty coffee with a delicious aftertaste.
    NZ$22.00 450g
  • Gevalia Red medium roast
    Filter Mid Roast

    Plunger/Filter grind.
    NZ$20.00 450g
  • Gevalia Skånerost
    Gevalia Skånerost with its powerful, tasteful character and long, delicious aftertaste. The carefully selected Arabian beans from Central, South America and Asia have been given an extra dark roasting that makes this a really enjoyable coffee experience
    NZ$24.50 450g
  • Lindvalls Coffee - Brygg - Brazil Roast
    Plunger/Filter grind.

    Brazilian coffee is neutral in taste, slightly sweet and with low acidity.
    NZ$18.00 450g
  • Lindvalls Coffee - Brygg - Dark Roast (Skåne Rost)
    Dark Roast

    Plunger/Filter grind.

    A filter-ground blend with a darker roast. The result is a strong, aromatic coffee that's especially popular in the southern Swedish province of Skåne. Why? Well, some people claim it's because the people down there, with their reputation for thrift, like a stronger coffee because it goes a little further.
    NZ$18.00 450g
  • Lindvalls Coffee - Brygg - French Roast - Short Date Sale
    Tricolore - French Roast
    French roast coffee (a little darker than our regular dark roast) for those who like it strong and aromatic. Perfect for making Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte etc.

    *** BBF: 05/09/2017 ***
    NZ$18.00 500g
    NZ$15.00 500g
  • Merrild Mellemristet Kaffe
    Filter Mid Roast Coffee

    Plunger/Filter grind.
    NZ$26.50 500g
  • Zoegas Mezzo
    Zoegas MEZZO is our medium roast coffee with a mild and subtle taste. Made with a blend of coffee beans from Brazil, the high proportion of fine East African coffee beans gives a clear Zoegas character and gives the coffee a deep richness and flavor.
    100% Arabica beans.
    NZ$26.50 450g
  • Zoegas Skånerost
    Roasted from Arabica beans that grow high on the coffee plantation slopes, highlighting those flavors that create a unique character for coffee. This is quite a strong dark roast with a hint of dark berries. 100% Arabica beans. 450g
    NZ$21.50 450g
  • Lindvalls Coffee - Brygg - Original Roast - Short Date Sale
    Filter Mid Roast

    Plunger/Filter grind.

    This major favourite in Sweden is basically the same coffee as Lindvall's cafetière/percolator blend, but more finely ground to suit modern filter machines and plungers.
    This is the coffee that has made Sweden second only to Finland in the world coffee drinking league. A true Swedish original!

    *** Short Date Sale - BBF: 03/09/2017 ***
    NZ$18.00 500g
    NZ$11.00 500g
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