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Oskar & Ellen produce fantastic and original high quality soft toys and books.
Designed in Sweden and manufactured by middle-aged women in selected sewing studios in the Philippines Oskar & Ellen has ensured its products are hardwearing and conform to European Safety standards EN 71 1, 2,3 and 9 and are CE marked.

Interactive World Map
Today the playroom, tomorrow the World! Educational and decorative World Map Wall for all youngsters curious about our precious World.
Interactive World Map - accessories
Accessories to the Interactive World Map - with Velcro backing to enhance your child’s learning and feature things like famous landmarks people from around the world and animals from various countries.
Playbag - Aircraft Hangar
Get ready for takeoff with this play set, a must have for any little boy. The hanger opens up and reveals a helicopter landing platform with three airplanes, a stealth plane and a helicopter. A small loop is attached underneath each aircraft so your child can put it on his/her finger and “fly away”.
NZ$ 114.00 Each incl GST
NZ$ 20.00 Each incl GST
NZ$ 70.00 Each incl GST
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Playbag - Bunny Doll House
Very sweet dolls house with opening front door,, two decorated rooms and a bunny family—Mr & Mrs Bunny & baby bunny wrapped in a blanket. The house is furnished with a bed, a sofa and a little cot. When the front of house is velcroed back it can be carried like a bag so great for taking on holiday or the cafe!
Playbag - Castle
A soft, magical medieval castle from Oskar and Ellen will let your child go on all sorts of wonderful adventures! The soft fabric castle features drawbridge and towers and it includes all the essential characters for a happy ever after story. Includes: The prince and princess A white horse A dragon A witch A treasure chest
Playbag - Farmhouse
This lovely bag will provide plenty of farmyard fun & will make children familiar with common farm animals, - pig, cow, horse, dog & duck. A farmer is also included. Open the front wall to reveal a green pasture & individual stalls for the animals.
NZ$ 70.00 Each incl GST
NZ$ 70.00 Each incl GST
NZ$ 70.00 Each incl GST
Out Of Stock

Playbag - Indian TeePee
Suitable from 3 years. This lovely native American Indian fabric play set from Oskar and Ellen will provide hours of imaginative play for your child. A gorgeous soft spacious teepee, approx 35 cm high. At the front there is a large opening door, which can be shut with a Velcro lock. Four native American Indians are ready for adventure together with two horses, one kayak and a camp fire.
Playbag - Spaceship
Prepare for blast off! Children will absolutely love this colourful space adventure play bag. Let their imagination run free and watch them play for hours. Includes a spaceship, two astronauts, two Martians,a flying saucer, and a space play mat.
Pretend Play Set - Cooler Bag
A sweet padded cooler bag with embroidered strawberries with everything you need for a summer’s day picnic! The bag includes two delicious sandwiches with lots of yummy and stackable fillings such as cheese, salami, lettuce and cucumber. You will also find three juicy strawberries, yummy cake slices , a pear, an orange juice carton, two beakers with straws and a cute picnic towel. In total 27 pieces. So sweet!
NZ$ 70.00 Each incl GST
NZ$ 70.00 Each incl GST
NZ$ 72.00 Each incl GST

Pretend Play Set - English Afternoon Tea Set
This pretty tea set includes cake stand, tea pot, table cloth, napkins, two cups & saucers, finely cut sandwiches, scones with jam & clotted cream, fruit tarts and lots of juicy strawberries!
Pretend Play Set - Farmers Market
Low basket with handles, inside there are three cut flowers and lots of soft play food; to include a baguette, potato, tomato, carrot, pear, strawberry and a banana which can be peeled!
Pretend Play Set - Gardening
This set is perfect for little green fingers! Includes three beautiful pots with removable soil and flowers so the little gardener can actually “plant”. One bud can be opened into a flower! Also includes watering can, trowel, rake, seeds bag and pretty gardening storage bag.
NZ$ 72.00 Each incl GST
NZ$ 72.00 Each incl GST
NZ$ 72.00 Each incl GST

Pretend Play Set - Picnic Hamper
This delightful set includes everything you’d want for the perfect picnic! Includes; picnic basket, tea towel, two plates, two flute glasses, bottle of pink lemonade, chicken legs, sandwiches with various fillings (cheese, salami, salad), melon slices and chocolate brownies. Comes presented in a little bag to keep everything together.
Pretend Play Set - Tea Set with Cup Cakes
No more broken crockery with this wonderful soft tea set! A mix of colours and patterns have been used to create a bohemian look and feel. Includes four cups, saucers, napkins, tea bags and teaspoons, a teapot, sugar bowl, milk jug, table/picnic cloth, four delicious cup cakes and biscuits plus great storage bag.
NZ$ 72.00 Each incl GST
NZ$ 72.00 Each incl GST
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