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  •  Vanilla Sugar - Dr.Oetker 140g
    With bourbon vanilla.
    NZ$ 8.50 140g
  • Anthon Berg Fugleæg med lakrids - Bird Eggs with liquorice
    Anthons Bergs Classical sugar coated dark chocolate marzipan Easter Egg with liquorice.
    Gift packed.
    NZ$ 10.50 124g
  • Anthon Berg Fugleæg med nougat - Bird Eggs with nougat
    Anthons Bergs Classical sugar coated dark chocolate marzipan Easter Egg with Nougat.
    Gift packed.
    NZ$ 10.50 124g
  • Anthon Berg mini fugleæg - mini eggs
    Anthons Bergs Classical Easter Marzipan Egg.
    NZ$ 6.50 80g
  • Gestus Ren Rå Marcipan - Pure Raw Marzipan - 400g
    Odense Pure Raw Marcipan is a classic Danish quality label at its best.
    The pure raw marcipan is processed on large original granite rolls, which gives the marcipan the very correct, rough structure. This consistency gives the perfect taste experience.

    Pure Raw Marcipan has a high almond content of 63%
    NZ$ 18.00 400g
  • Gestus Tørgær - torr jäst - dry yeast
    NZ$ 1.50 12g
  • Hafi Lingonberry Drink Concentrate
    Lingonberries are wildly grown and handpicked during the autumn. The slightly tart flavor makes it good to drink to any meal, not to mention the mix of lingonberry concentrate and vodka, a couple of ice cubes and a slice of lemon.
    NZ$ 11.50 500ml
  • K-Salat Remoulade Sauce - Short Date Sale
    An essential ingredient on the Danish open-face roast beef sandwiches (smørrebrød). Also commonly used as a condiment for fish and commonly served on hot dogs, together with mustard, ketchup, raw and roasted onions.

    *** Short Date Sale - BBF: 15/06/2019 ***
    NZ$ 10.00 375gr
    NZ$ 5.00 375gr
  • Kardemumma - Ground Cardamom
    Mild, aromatic, oh and one of the most expensive spices in the world!. Cardamom is THE full-bodied spice boasting flavour notes such as lemon, smoke and mint. Works well in dishes, drinks and pastries.
    NZ$ 3.00 18g
  • Mjällom Palt Tunnbröd
    A crunchy iron (51mg/100g) and protein(21g/100g) rich all-round bread with a unique taste and a good balance between wheat and rye. Contains Bllod protein from bovine and pig.
    Tunnbröd (literally "thin bread") is the Swedish version of flatbread.
    Crisp tunnbröd differs from knäckebröd in being thinner and more compact, containing fewer air bubbles.
    NZ$ 15.00 300g
  • Wasa Surdeg Flerkorn - Sourdough Multigrain
    Wasa Surdeg Multi-grain gives you the true taste of tradition and the good from nature. Along with rye, wheat, oats and barley, it gives you and your family plenty of whole grains, fiber and a genuine and good taste every day.
    NZ$ 9.00 275g
  • Anthon Berg Mini Marzipan Bars
    Anthons Bergs Classical Chocolate Covered Marcipan bread.
    NZ$ 20.00 190g
    NZ$ 18.00 190g
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