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  • Æblekagerasp - Apple Cake Bread Crumbs
    Crunchy, sweet and delicious Apple Cake Bread Crumbs
    NZ$7.00 500g
  • Amo Rugbrød Fuldkorn - Wholemeal Breadmix - Short Date Sale
    Amo Wholemeal Bread is made with sour dough, and the finished bread contains 35 grams of whole grains per 100 g of bread.
    NZ$10.00 1kg
    NZ$6.00 1kg
  • Bitter almond aroma
    Bitter almond is a very popular flavor for cakes and pastries.
    NZ$8.50 30ml
  • Carbonate of potash - Oetker Potaske - short date sale
    Potassium carbonate - Carbonate of potash or pearlash is used as a baking aid in traditional Scandinavian baked goods

    *** Short Date Sale - BBF: 10/2016 ***
    NZ$4.00 25g
    NZ$1.00 25g
  • Dansk Kartoffelmel - Potato Starch Flour
    Potato starch flour, also known as "potato starch," is a key ingredient in Scandinavian baking.
    NZ$4.00 500g
  • Drømmekage
    A traditional Scandinavian dream cake - 4 pieces to share
    NZ$8.50 150g
  • Ekstoms Waffles - Frasvåfflor mix - Short Date Sale
    Just add butter and water to enjoy delicious crispy waffles. Makes 6-8 Waffles.

    *** Short Date Sale BBF: 03/02/2017 ***
    NZ$8.00 210g
    NZ$6.00 210g
  • Ekstroms Chocolate Pudding/Custard
    The Swedish "Ekströms® Chokladpudding". Chocolate pudding/Custard - quite different from the NZ Chocolate Pudding. A classic Swedish dessert. Serve with berries and a touch of whipped cream.
    NZ$6.00 120g
  • Garant Lakritssås - Salt liquorice ice cream sauce
    A salt licorice flavoured ice cream topping sauce - Just add ice cream.
    NZ$12.50 300g
  • Gestus Solsikke rugbrød Mix - Sunflower seed ryebread mix
    Delicious Sunflower seed ryebread mix - a
    rustic and tasty rye bread.
    NZ$8.00 1kg
  • Gestus koldhævede morgenboller mix - wholemeal bread mix
    Delicious Danish koldhævede morgenboller breadmix

    A must on the weekend breakfast table. The dough is mixed together the night before and the balls are quick to finish on the day as they only need 14-18 minutes in the oven.
    Quick and delicious.
    NZ$8.00 1kg
  • Grötris - Christmas Porridge Round Grain Rice
    Round Grain Rice - perfect for the Christmas Porridge.
    In Scandinavia, rice porridge has long Christmas traditions. It sometimes goes by the names julegröt/julegrøt/julegrød (Yule porridge), or tomtegröt/nissegrød ).
    NZ$8.00 1kg
  • Hjorthornsalt - Baker's ammonia - salt of hartshorn
    hjortetakksalt, Hjorthorsalt - Ammonium carbonate. The commercial salt was formerly known as sal-volatile or salt of hartshorn. A necessity for Scandinavian baking.
    NZ$2.50 37g
  • Kockens Potatismjöl - Potato Starch Flour
    Potato starch flour, also known as "potato starch," is a key ingredient in Scandinavian baking.
    NZ$5.50 500g
  • Kransekage baking Rings - 6rings
    6 rings to make your own Kransekage.
    Size: 16.7 - 17.5 - 18.5 - 19.2 - 20 - 21 cm
    NZ$45.00 6-pack
  • Lakrits strössel - Liquorice sprinkles  LV
    Liquorice flavoured sprinkles - Just add ice cream.

    === Comes as "lösvikt" in a 100g bag ===
    NZ$4.00 100g
  • Marcipangrise - Marzipan pigs
    Christmas Pigs in marcipan
    NZ$7.50 50g
  • Marsan - Vanilla Custard/Sauce Powder - 7port - Short Date Sale
    The Swedish "Ekströms® Marsan powder" makes a sweet vanilla custard/Sauce.
    Mix the powder with milk and you will have a beautifully thick vanilla sauce or a thicker custard instantly. No boiling required.

    A must for your princess cake and other Scandinavian desserts. A great compliment to your apple cake.
    NZ$4.50 91g
    NZ$2.50 91g
  • Marzipan Julegris - Christmas Pig - Short Date Sale
    Christmas Pigs in finest marzipan 39% almond

    *** Short date Sale - BBF: 01/01/2017 ***
    NZ$20.00 70g
    NZ$10.00 70g
  • Mjuk Pepparkaka - Gingerloaf baking mix - Short Date Sale
    With Kungsörnen cake mixes, anyone can bake! A juicy gingerbread, baked in a snap - just add water. Perfect when you have unexpected guests!

    *** BBF: 22/08/2017 ***
    NZ$12.00 420g
    NZ$9.50 420g
  • Odense Marzipan
    Scandinavian Marzipan from Odense.
    Odense Marzipan is made from 28% ground almonds.

    Marzipan is a candy dough with a high ratio of sugar to almonds. It's perfect for decorating your baked goods, whether you're making candy figurines, candies and bonbons, or covering a cake. You'll find this sweet, rich, flavorful candy dough adds a touch of whimsy and a delicious flavor to any occasion.
    NZ$7.00 200g
  • Odense Nougat - 150g
    Traditional Danish Chocolate Nougat - sweet soft nutty, a must for your Scandinavian baking.
    Try it thinly sliced in layers with marzipan for a perfect Christmas sweet treat.
    NZ$9.00 150g
  • Odense Ren Rå Marcipan - Pure Raw Marzipan 63 % Almond
    Odense Pure Raw Marcipan is a classic Danish quality label at its best.
    The pure raw marcipan is processed on large original granite rolls, which gives the marcipan the very correct, rough structure. This consistency gives the perfect taste experience.

    Pure Raw Marcipan has a high almond content of 63%
    NZ$13.00 200g
  • Pärlsocker - Pearl Sugar (or Nib Sugar)
    In Scandinavia, pearl sugar is used extensively to decorate various pastries and confections, cookies, especially on top of plain Scandinavian Cinnamon buns.

    Pearl sugar tends to withstand a higher heat before melting. If you want to sugar a bit of bread, the pearl sugar won’t melt as it bakes in the oven, and will look the same coming out of the oven as it did going in.
    NZ$7.00 500g
  • Pepparkakskrydda - Gingerbread spice
    Pepparkakskrydda - Peberkagekrydderi -Gingerbread spice.
    NZ$4.00 18g
  • Perstorp Ättika - White Vinegar
    Absolute pure vinegar 24%, Absolutely non-alcoholic, will not cause allergy.

    Ingredients:acetic acid, water
    NZ$7.00 300g
  • Polka Strössel - Mint polka sprinkles LV
    Polka mint flavoured sprinkles - Just add ice cream.

    === Comes as "lösvikt" in a 100g bag ===
    NZ$4.00 100g
  • Santa Maria Torrjäst - dry yeast
    Santa Maria Dry Yeast - 2pack
    NZ$3.00 2-pack
  • Smörkniv
    A butter knife is a utensil that is used to spread dairy products (butter, margarine) or other soft toppings on the sandwich, for example. Butter Knives have no sharp edge, and is traditionally made of wood. This one is made from beech.
  • Struer Ollebrod
    Øllebrød is a traditional Danish dish - a type of porridge made of rugbrød scraps and beer, typically hvidtøl. A thrifty dish, it makes it possible to use the rest of the bread scraps so that nothing is wasted. The idea originated from monastic living, when monks would dip their bread into hot beer
    NZ$5.50 500g
  • Toppits Bakformar - Large Baking Cups
    Perfect size for your Cinnamon buns, they won't stick to the paper any more!
    Environment friendly greaseproof paper.
    Excellent for baking.
    No greasing necessary.
    Can be used without a muffin pan.
    240 per pack!
    NZ$6.00 240/pack
  • Toppits Knäckformar - Butterscotch Baking Cups
    Perfect size for your Xmas Candy it won't stick to the paper any more!
    Environment friendly greaseproof paper.
    No greasing necessary.
    240 per pack!
    NZ$4.50 240/pack
  • Trägaffel-Wooden Chefs Fork
    A wooden fork is a must-have when cooking stews and sauces. Perfect for non stick pots and pans.
    NZ$7.00 31cm
  • Vörtmix Santa Maria - Brewers wort breadmix
    Vortmix is an ingredient in a special kind of Scandinavian bread that is very popular around the holidays.
    NZ$4.00 75g
  • Vanilla Sugar - Dr.Oetker
    With real vanilla.
    NZ$6.50 100g
  • Vanilla Sugar - Fazer - Short Date Sale
    Powdered vanilla sugar, to add extra taste to drinks, baking and confectionary. Use in place of vanilla extract or essence.

    *** BBF: 09/08/2017 ***
    NZ$6.00 120g
    NZ$4.50 120g
  • AMO Mørkt Rugbrød - Dark Rye Bread Mix
    Amo Dark Rye Bread is made with sour dough, and the finished bread contains 33 grams of whole grains per 100 g of bread.
    NZ$10.00 1kg
    Out Of Stock
  • AMO Solsikkerugbrød - Sunseed Rye Bread Mix - Short Date Sale
    Sunflower Rye bread is a rustic and tastefully rye bread, which is easy to bake.

    *** Short Date Sale - BBF: 29/11/2017 ***
    NZ$10.00 1kg
    NZ$8.50 1kg
    Out Of Stock
  • Garant Vanillinsocker - Vanilla Sugar
    Sugar, aroma (vanillin).
    NZ$4.00 140g
    Out Of Stock
  • Gestus Koldhævet Kernerugbrød mix - Cold rise Rye breadmix
    Delicious Danish koldhævede Kernerugbrød mix

    It's possible to bake it without cold lifting. Instructions on the bag.
    NZ$8.00 1kg
    Out Of Stock
  • Odense Mandelmassa (Almond Paste)
    Scandinavian Marcipan (or Almond Paste) from Odense.
    Almond paste is made from ground almonds 50% and sugar, It is similar to marzipan but contains less sugar.

    Just add icing sugar and water to make marzipan to the sweetness of your choice.

    Odense Almond Paste is the best you can buy. Use Almond Paste in baking to enhance your favorite recipes. We love it in pies, either lining the crust or in crumb toppings. We also love it in breads, cakes, and even cookies. Adding the delicate flavor of almonds can make an ordinary recipe extraordinary.
    NZ$7.00 200g
    Out Of Stock
  • Vanilla Sugar - DanSukker
    With real vanilla.
    DanSukker Vanilla Sugar is a blend of the vanilla aroma extracted from spruce wood (lignin ) and vanilla extracted from vanilla beans from the vanilla orchid .

    Contains no synthetic vanilla flavoring - ethylvanillin.
    NZ$6.00 170g
    Out Of Stock

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