September newsletter

September newsletter

Firstly, I'd like to say Thank You - to all of you. The response and feedback this first month has been amazing!

Second, to those of you who filled out the Christmas feed back form - it's much appreciated! If you haven't already - please fill it out. I'm about to do my Christmas Order with my supplier and I struggle to figure out how much herring will I need? The survey is just a survey - not an order and you will not be held responsible in any way. I have added a few new items on there as well and it would be great to know if there are any interest in buying these items.

We still have some Anchovy Herring left at a great price - don't hold off until Christmas. If you don't feel like having a Jansson's temptation before Christmas, please try Mormor's Swedish Anchovy Roll  (under the recipe section) - it's a great lunch, entrée or maybe as a late snack meal!

The lump fish caviar is going fast, don't miss out, I found some at the supermarket the other day for twice the price?! At SweNZ Taste we believe lump fish caviar should be an affordable treat - not a luxury item. We will do our best to keep a low price on this item!

Since we opened we have introduced Goody bag's, to keep the cost of shipping as low as possible. You can use goodie bags if you only order lollies or Cod Roe Creme. Unfortunately we can not send jars or crisp bread in these. Please note for Cod Roe creme a small extra fee has been added to cover the cost of the chiller pads.

Also, the Prezzie shop is now open! We only have 2 brands so far, both locally produced in New Zealand, but with that Scandinavian touch!

Last but not least our VISA payment option is now up running. We use Westpac Internet Payment Solution Plus (WIPS Plus) to process credit card payments - a secure online credit card payment solution.

This months menu:
Entrée: Smoked Salmon on toast with Lump fish caviar dip
Main menu:Mormor's Swedish anchovy roll with a green salad
Dessert: Fried Camembert with cloudberry jam


Posted: Sun 12 Sep 2010