SweNZ Taste and the GST increase.

Just a quick update to let you all know what will happen to our prices due to the GST increase.

As you all know the GST increase will take place on 1st of October. Since we bought our current stock before the GST increase we see no reason to change the price on our current stock as of 1st October. However when our next shipment arrives, which will be sometime late October/beginning of November, the GST we have to pay will increase and this will affect our prices slightly. So please be aware there will be a slight increase of price in November, which is due to the GST increase.

Same thing with our freight prices, which are prepaid, when we need to buy new shipping labels from our courier company - that is when you will see a slight increase of freight price.

If you want to beat the GST increase, please buy your food now to prepare for Xmas. You know you can make that Janssons today and put it in the freezer until Christmas!

Posted: Tue 21 Sep 2010