November Newsletter

November Newsletter

November newsletter

Great news! Our shipment of Christmas stock has finally arrived. We've had a few delays along the way, but at last we can introduce some great new products to you:

  • The Christmas shop - Unique gifts and Seasonal stock, what we have is what is there. We will not be able to get more in until next year. Be quick if you want some!
  • Plutoprodukter - unique gifts for a small price. If you want them wrapped, please let us know!
  • Bengt o Lotta - Traditional design, in cast iron, for your home - great quality Christmas gifts.
  • If You Care Products - Ever missed those baking cups that your cinnamon bun won't stick to? We have them! A good choice for you and the environment. Buy one of each size and receive a discount!
  • Bargain Bin - check out our package deals (buy 1kg coffee for only $32!!!)

The Christmas Shop

Please visit our Christmas Shop for some great ideas for Christmas presents. In here you will also find our seasonal stock, such as Julmust, Aladdin chocolates, nyåkers gingerbread tins, etc) of which we will not get any more until next year. Please be quick if you intend to buy some of these items.

Filiokus has added a special offer to SweNZ Taste customers. Buy a Christmas Tree dress and receive 3 extra Christmas decorations for the dress.

Christmas Survey

Those of you who filled out our Christmas survey and supplied your email details, you should have received an email from us by now. We will hold your "wish" until the 28th November before we release the items to the public. Once again, thank you!

New Products

We are very pleased to introduce Ski Queen gjetost (also known as mesost or brunost ) as a product. Other new product we are happy to introduce are:

  • New flavors of Leksands Crispbread
  • Fazer Rye Crisps
  • Onion flavored herring
  • Lingonberry drink concentrate/Elderberry drink concentrate
  • Gott o Blandat (Sweden's favorite candy mix)
  • Djungelvral - This is seriously salty liquorice

This months recipe

Summer is on it's way and it's time to invite your friends for a lovely brunch. What can be better than Scandinavian waffles with Gjetost.Or for the sweet tooth, serve with cloudberry jam and whipped creme.

Posted: Fri 19 Nov 2010