March Newsletter

March Newsletter

SweNZ Taste is Open!

We are back in New Zealand and SweNZ Taste is yet again “Open” for business.

Wish Lists

We mainly spent our short time in Sweden sorting out family matters, but also managed to meet up with two new potential distributors. Our first order to Sweden will go in the beginning of April, so get those wish lists in ASAP. Please send an email to with a list of food, lollies etc that you would like to see in our shop.

Waffel day

On March the 25th Sweden is celebrating the National Waffel day. The holiday coincides with the Feast of the Annunciation (Lady day), a religious event. Our Lady' translates to 'Vår Fru'. This has later been contracted into 'Vårfru', and then, through language drift, into 'våffel', the Swedish word for waffle.

So go on treat yourself to some Waffels with Clodberry jam on Friday. Or why not have them as they do in Norway – with gjetost!

Posted: Wed 23 Mar 2011