April Newsletter - Easter

April Newsletter - Easter

Easter is on it's way.

In Sweden Easter is called påsk, Iceland calls it páska and in Norwegian and Danish påske. In Finland Easter is named pääsiäinen.

For adults Easter means celebrating with family and friend. A buffet-style smorgasbord or påskbuffé (paskbuffe) is often served in the Scandinavian countries, which contains the traditional dishes like herring, salmon, meatballs, boiled potatoes and filled eggs. In addition to those dishes, many eat lamb in various forms.

For kids Easter means they will receive their Easter eggs, which in Scandinavia normally is a colourful, egg shaped box, filled with your favorite candy and in some cases smaller gifts.

SweNZ Taste Easter Shop

We are very pleased to offer the Scandinavian Style Easter Eggs in our Easter Shop. Please note they do come empty - you will need to buy your favorite Candy separately.

Kalles Kaviar

We have had several requests for Kalles Kaviar. If you haven't tried out Cod Roe Creme, please do, as it's - "same stuff, different brand". The Cod Roe Creme is Produced by Fram Foods in Sweden and re branded to Cod Roe Creme (Tarama) for export by Viking Platter in Australia.

Wish Lists 

Please keep sending in those wish lists for future stock. We have sent off our first order to one of our new supplier. We didn't manage to get everyone's wishes this time, but there will be more orders in the future...

This months recipe

I was tempted to publish a recipe for the Finnish Mämmi, an Easter dessert in Finland, but as I have yet to find the perfect easy recipe I decided not to..

Instead I would like to recommend the Matjes Tart as a great addition to your Easter buffé. Please note this is NOT a dessert!



Happy Easter! Glad Påsk! Gleðilega páska ! God påske! Hyvää Pääsiäistä!

Eva and Sven at SweNZ Taste

Posted: Thu 31 Mar 2011