Newsletter June

Newsletter June

Welcome to another edition of our monthly newsletter. In this newsletter we have:

  • Midwinter Specials on all Candle Holders
  • Holiday closure - 5 Weeks in July/August
  • Stock Up and Save - Special for our Newsletter Subscribers
  • Midwinter Celebrations
  • This Months Recipe
  • Other news...

Winter is here and it is certainly getting colder and darker. While our family and friends in Scandinavia are getting ready to celebrate midsummer, we should all invite some family and friends here in New Zealand and put on a proper Mid winter feast.

Winter Specials on all Candle Holders

To help you through the darkest months SweNZ Taste have put on a sale on all our beautiful Rotary Candle Holders: Was $25, Now: $21. Don't miss out, offer only available through the month of June.

Holiday closure - 5 Weeks in July/August

We are planning a holiday trip to Sweden in July. Unfortunately this means we will have to close the shop for the period 14 July - 28 August. If you have an urgent need for some Scandinavian treats during this period, please send us an email as we might be able to persuade our house sitter to send the occasional parcel :-)

Stock Up and Save - Special for our Newsletter Subscribers only

To help you stock up before we go we have a special deal for our Newsletter readers. Buy for $150 or more and receive a 10% discount on your order. Just type the words 'STOCK UP' in the promotion box during check out.

Midwinter Celebrations

The Sweden-New Zealand Association in Wellington are having their annual midwinter celebration - Lucia on the 11 June. SweNZ Taste are happy to support them by providing online pre-registration to the Lucia Celebration on our website. This service is of no cost to the Sweden-New Zealand Association. All proceeds of the pre-registration goes to the Sweden-New Zealand Association. We also offer the members of the Sweden-New Zealand Association to pay their membership online from our site.

Scandinavian Celebrations in June

5 June 2011- National Day of Denmark and also Fathers Day in Denmark.

6 June 2011 - National Day of Sweden

6 June Sillens Dag” – the day of the Herring which includes the presentation of the “Herring of the Year” award. The producers of our PK Herring - Klädesholmes seafood, are winners of the Swedish "sill of the year" 2009 and 2010.

12 June 2011 – Whit Sunday or Pentecost, celebrates the visit of the Holy Spirit upon Christ's disciples. This is the day when many young people are confirmed in the Lutheran faith. It is also the most popular date for weddings.

17 June 2011 – National Day of Iceland

24-25 June - Midsummer's Eve and Midsummer's Day (Midsommarafton and Midsommardagen) were formerly celebrated on 23 June and 24 June, but since 1953 the celebration has been moved to the Friday and Saturday between 19 June and 26 June. The main celebrations take place on the Friday, and the traditional events include raising and dancing around a maypole. An old tradition is that unmarried girls should before bedtime midsummer´s eve pick seven kinds of flowers and jump over seven round-pole fences and then sleep with the flowers under the pillow. During the night they will dream about the boy they will get married to...

Other news...

As mentioned in our previous newsletter we submitted our first order to a Swedish Supplier in April. The Order was shipped mid May and is expected to arrive by the end of this month. Unfortunately the mustard and all Cloetta items didn't make it in the order. We were very disappointed as we were not told this until after the order had left Sweden. It is still very exciting to then be able to offer you Oboy, Bearnaise sauce, Ballerina biscuits and more.

Recipe of the Month

As it is the month of the presentation of the “Herring of the Year” award. This months recipe has to be Sillsallad/Herring Salad.

A traditional dish on the Scandinavian smörgåsbord. One of my favourite on the Christmas / Midwinter Celebration table.

Was $25, Now $21


Was $6, Now $4.50 (Short date sale)

Fazer Crisp Oat:
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Fazer Crisp is a modern and tasty product for those looking after their own well-being.
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It is said Ederflower teas and cordial are traditionally used in herbal medicine to treat colds, mucus, sinuitis, feverish illnesses and other upper respiratory tract problems, as well as hay fever. Keep well this winter!



Kind Regards
Eva and Sven from SweNZ Taste

Posted: Sat 04 Jun 2011