October Newsletter

October Newsletter

Finally our shipment from Sweden has arrived. It was very exciting unpacking and to see if everything made it here undamaged. We were really pleased that nothing had broke!

New exciting products:

  • Blueberry Soup; blueberry soup is good for you in so many different ways, filled with vitamins and just plain yummy. The soup is also perfect if you ever have a tummy bug). Just mix with water! This is the big size pack that makes up to 3 liters in total.
  • Rosehip Soup; another vitamin rich and yummy soup! Just mix with water! This is the big size pack that makes up to 5 liters in total.
  • Mustard - Now we have both the Original and the “Skånsk” mustard from Slotts, but also my personal favourite – Johnnys mustard, sweet and strong – just like mums homemade!
  • Pea Soup – A famous Thursday treat best enjoyed heated with mustard and punch and then pancakes for desert. With a great BBF of Sept 2013 so it will make a great addition to your emergency kit!
  • Flatbread/wafer crisp bread – We have three different sorts to choose from; the Norwegian flatbread , and two kinds of MjällomsSwedish flatbread (simply addictive...)
  • Wasa gluten free crisp bread – Many of you have asked for this and now we have it!
  • Perstorps vinegar – I must admit I was surprised to see how many of you wanted this product. A fantastic product with so many applications that I don’t know where to start; from making pickles to cleaning your household silver…
  • Vanillin sugar – A must for your baking! Add to the whipped cream for a fabulous compliment to your waffles – mmm…
  • “Marsan” sauce – The best custard ever! You can’t make a proper “princess cake” without it!
  • Almond Macaroons (Mandel biskvier)– is it a lollie, a cookie or both? Add to your rosehip soup for a great snack!
  • Singoalla Blueberry – New flavour and so nice, do to try it :-)

New Products in the Candy Shop:

  • Kex chocolate; the favourite chocolate snack of my son, and many other Swedes. Wafers coated with thin layers of chocolate – not to sweet not to much – just right!
  • Polly Blue; once you start eating these you simply can’t stop. Totally addictive.
  • Fazer Dumle original; soft toffee covered with traditional tender Fazer milk chocolate - loved by everyone, from the young to the young at heart.
  • Haribou Piratos; another salty liquorice candy for the connoisseurs.
  • Läkerol Salmiakki chewing gum; chewing gum with liquorice flavour.
  • Läkerol Original throat pastilles; chewy, tasty and soothes your throat!
  • Emser throat pastilles; pink, sweet, with a hint of honey.

Limited edition new products (We aim to have these products in from time to time, but it all depends on availability and BBF dates):

This month’s short date sales:

  • Gott&Blandat Sweden’s most popular lollie mixes - a unique mix of sweet, salt and sour (BBF 15/Oct/2011)
  • Truly Exotic Affairs - The candy with 30 % less sugar and contains no artificial sweeteners, only natural colours and real fruit juice. Cactus, Blood orange, Ananas, Peach-Vanilla and Ananas-Raspberry flavours. (BBF 15/Oct/2011)

Christmas Shopping

Christmas is creeping up on us. We will soon open our Christmas Shop and there will be some great gift ideas and yummy food coming. Keep and eye out!

This month’s Recipe:

Well it has to be the Army Pea soup served with Mustard and warm Punch! Followed by Pancakes – Yum!

Kind Regards
Eva and Sven @ SweNZ Taste

Posted: Sat 08 Oct 2011