November Newsletter

November Newsletter

Welcome to another edition of our monthly newsletter. In this newsletter we have:

  • New shipment of exciting products
  • New brands of Herring and Lumpfish Caviar
  • Kitchen Things
  • Christmas Shop is OPEN!
  • This Month's featured product


New Shipment of exciting products

We have just received another shipment of products from our supplier in Australia. Unfortunately he is still out of Cod Roe Crème, which I know many of you are waiting for, but we have some other great stuff to offer:

  • Fish quenelles ( Dill or Shrimp Sauce) - Also known as Fish balls.
  • Amanda Cod Roe (New product from the Danish company Amanda)
  • Forest Mix Dried Mushrooms (a mix of Karl Johan Mushrooms and Chanterellen)
  • Leksands Extra Crispy Crisp bread - What can I say - it's Extra Crispy!
  • Fazer Mint Chocolate (looking forward to get some Fazer Original Milk chocolate bars before Xmas as well)
  • Geisha Chocolate Bar – One of Fazer’s most popular international brands. Geisha’s soft chocolate exterior and crispy nougat filling is inspired by the Eastern philosophers’ mix of outer peace and inner strength.  Geisha – every day holds a little dream
  • Pops Crunchy - Pops Crunchy is brand new in taste and shape, it is wonderfully delicate in texture and has a slightly salted yoghurt-based filling in the center.
  • Fancy a small snack - try the Milk choco with Daim - 43g - Choc-o-licious!


New branding

Our current product range of Herring has gone through a rebranding exercise. It's the same great product from the same producer, just a new look. The previous PK Brand is being discontinued. But the best news is: there has been a price drop! We are very happy to be able to lower our price on Herring!

Same thing with the Lumpfish Caviar – same producer – new brand – old brand is being discontinued. Unfortunately in this case the price didn't come down. It has in fact gone up slightly due to increased market price on lumpfish roe. We managed to get our hands on some of the discontinued stock, be in quick to buy some of this! BBF Feb 2012.

Kitchen Things

SweNZ Pantry has a new Category - Kitchen Things where we sell some fantastic products for your Kitchen such as:

  • Scandinavian non-stick muffin cups
  • Servietts with Scandinavian prints (ie Snaps songs)
  • Dalahorse magnets
  • Serviett holders
  • Aprons
  • Ice Packs (some of you have asked to buy the ice-pack that we use for our shipment of perishable food, and we are happy to supply these separately) - perfect for the fishing season!


Christmas Shop is now OPEN!

We are starting to receive our Christmas products and it’s so exciting we just have to open the Christmas shop!

Tinned Food

MAF has inspected the Pölsa and Bullens Sausages and they are now available for purchase. Both products have a long BBF date of 2013 so will be a great addition to your emergency kit.

This Month's Short Date Sale:

This Month's Featured Product:

With so many new products in our Range I thought I should present some of them in more details in each newsletter. Hence I'm moving away from the monthly recipe to the monthly product, and this month's featured product is:

Kavli Norwegian Flatbread - 300g at a great price of $5.

All natural whole grain crispbread. Traditional Kavli Crispy Thin Crispbread (Flatbread) is baked to the original Norwegian recipe, using only pure, natural ingredients. No artificial preservatives, additives or chemicals are added. For generations, Kavli Crispbread has been a staple part of the diet of Norway. Kavli is world famous for its naturally crisp texture and mild nutty taste. Kavli Crispy Thin contains 20 calories per slice; it makes a delicious alternative to bread, crackers and snack foods. Alone, served with your favorite toppings, or as a complement to soups and salads. Kavli Crispy Thin can be a satisfying lunch, or a delicious addition to breakfast or dinner. For entertaining, served with cheese, cold cuts, dips or spreads, Kavli Crispy Thin makes marvelous hors d' oeuvres. A fat free, cholesterol free food. No artificial additives or preservatives. Product of Norway.



















Kind Regards
Eva and Sven from SweNZ Taste

Posted: Mon 14 Nov 2011