February Newsletter

February Newsletter

Welcome to another edition of our monthly newsletter. In this newsletter we have:

  • New Stock/Products
  • February Celebrations and Specials
  • Short Date Sales
  • This Months Featured Product

Kaviar/ Cod Roe

We have received a new shipment from our Australian supplier and Cod Roe Crème (Kaviar) is back in stock. Also more stock of Danish Amanda Spreadable Cod Roe in stock.

 New Products:

  • We are trying out 2 more flavours of Fish Quenelles – now available in Bouillon and Lobster Sauce.
  • Fazer Crisp Cumin – a must for your wine and cheese tray – try some today!
  • Luksusrogn / pressed cod roe from Danish Amanda. - Fully preserved pressed cod roe is a healthy alternative to other fully preserved meats.
  • Gooseberry Jam – With that special sweet/sour flavour. Serve on crispy bread or toast, with pancakes, ice cream, yogurt or cereals.
  • Fazer Chocolate – Finally, we have Fazer Original Blue chocolate in stock – yum!

Celebrate Waitangi Day (and Sevens)!

Waitangi is coming up and to celebrate we have taken a 10% of our Friendship badges. What a great way to show your support for New Zealand while showing your Scandinavian side as well!

YYY Valentines Day YYY

On the 14th February we celebrate Valentines Day - For me Valentine Day is a day of love hearts and chocolate! This is why we have taken 10% of all our chocolates until the 15th Feb -Yum! Check out Valentine Shop for more gift ideas – lots of love hearts in there (all 20% off!) YYY

Other Scandinavian Celebrations in February:

  • 12th February – Mothers Day in Norway– don’t forget to call home!
  • 21st February – Shrove Tuesday - Fettisday (Sweden), Laskiainen (Finland), Fastelavn (Denmark, Norwegian), Bolludagur (Iceandic) – It is time to have a Semla/Laskiaispulla/Fastelavnsbolle! Please see the recipe for Semla/Laskiaispulla in our recipe section. (note this is slightly different from the Norwegian/Danish/Icelandic Fastelavnsbolle).

SweNZ Taste at Martinborough Fair

Don’t miss out on Martinborough Fair the 1st Saturday of February (4th Feb). It will be a fantastic day. And please do come and say hello. We have a stall on…. Selling Candy, Crisp bread, Jam, Gift Items and much more!

This month’s short date sale:

This month’s featured product:

Almond paste/mandelmassa is made from ground almonds. It is similar to marzipan but marzipan contains more sugar than almond paste, and often contains additional ingredients such as food preserves and food coloring. Almond paste has much less sugar, typically 50-55% compared to 75-85% sugar for marzipan of cheap quality.

 In Scandinavia almond paste is used extensively, in various pastries and cookies. In Sweden(where it is known as mandelmassa) it is used in biscuits, muffins and buns and as a filling in the traditional spring season pastry semla and is used in Easter and Christmas sweets. In Denmark (where it is known as marcipan or mandelmasse), almond paste is used in several pastries, for example as a filling in the Danish traditional pastry kringle.

 Usually $7.00 for 200g -For this month only: $6.00 for 200g









Kind Regards
Eva and Sven @ SweNZ Taste

Posted: Fri 27 Jan 2012