October Newsletter

October Newsletter

Welcome to another edition of our monthly newsletter. In this newsletter we have:

  • Christmas Shop is OPEN!
  • Scandinavian Christmas Market in Auckland
  • Julmust(Christmas Soda) has arrived.
  • New Items
  • Short Date Sales and Discontinued Items
  • Scandinavian Liquorice – it’s safe for now.
  • This Month’s Featured Product

Christmas Shop

Have you noticed the sparkling lights popping up in the Shop Windows around town? Well the Holiday Season is upon us and we have opened up our Christmas Shop as well. The Christmas Shop is full of Scandinavian Flags and Garlands for your Xmas Tree, but also Candle Holders, Santa’s and other Traditional Xmas decorations and gift ideas.

Some items still to arrive, we have a few more shipments coming up until the beginning of November.

Scandinavian Christmas Market in Auckland.

“Twinkling lights, steaming mulled wine, gingerbread biscuits... If you have been longing for the festive atmosphere of a traditional northern hemisphere Christmas market, well the good news is there is one right here in Auckland!”

When:Sun 4 Nov, 10:00am–4:00pm
Where: Danish House, 6 Rockridge Rd, Penrose
For more information see:http://www.eventfinder.co.nz/2012/scandinavian-christmas-market/auckland/penrose

Yes, we will be there! Bringing a trailer with Xmas decorations and Goodies. However as we can’t bring all our stock – to avoid disappointment – make your order before the 28th October and choose shipping option ‘I intend to pick-up’, make a Comment that you will pick up at the Scandinavian Christmas Market in Auckland and we will bring your order with us there!

Julmust (Christmas Soda)

Are your friends back in Sweden starting to sample this year’s Julmust? Well thanks to Vasa Bryggeriet, so can you! Vasa Bryggeriet very kindly sent us their very first batch of Julmust (Christmas Soda) and it has arrived! It’s the taste of Christmas!

And we are really pleased that we can offer it to you for an even lower price this year!

50 cl @ $3.50 each!
150cl @ $8.00 each – buy 3 or more for $7.00 each!

For those of you who own a Soda Stream we also have a few bottles of Julmust essence to mix to your very own liking.

New Items:

Crispbread and Herrings back in stock!

So is Peanut Rings. We are still working on getting more Dill Chips and OLW Cheez doodles, but I must admit Kim’s Ostepops – they are NICE (my new addiction)!

We are pleased to let you know Clouberry Jam has arrived and we have also got some other new jams and Cordials from Brunneby Musteri in Sweden.

Scandinavian Liquorice is Safe!

One of the perennial favourites of sweet loving Scandinavians, salty liquorice is safe for now, after winning an EU reprieve. Li, the federation representing companies in the Swedish food industry, writes in a press release that several EU countries have backed away from a proposal to sharply reduce the limit on how much ammonium chloride (salmiak) is allowed in liquorice.

The ammonium chloride (salmiak) gives the liquorice a salty, pungent taste and can be a shock for those who have never tried it before. However Scandinavians even enjoy salty liquorice ice cream!

Short Date Sale:

As always we have some items coming up with Short Best Before date. Please note Best Before Date is different from Expiry Date. For more information see this link.

We are also very sad to inform you the importer of Emborg Products has decided to cease imports of Emborg Herrings. We are looking into different ways of sourcing a similar product as we really do want to provide these different flavours of Herrings.

For more Short Date Sales and other Bargains, please visit our Bargain Bin

This Months Feature Product

Vestlands Lefsa

Lefse is a traditional soft, Norwegian flatbread. Special tools are available for lefse baking, including long wooden turning sticks and special rolling pins with deep grooves.

Vestlands Lefse is one of Norways most bought Lefse and the recipe is based on the traditional Hardangerlefse (from Hardanger in Norway) made from yeast risen Graham flour or a fine ground whole wheat flour (krotekake). The dough is rolled with a conventional rolling pin until it is thin and does not stick to the surface. It is then cut with a grooved rolling pin in perpendicular directions, cutting a grid into the dough which prevents it from creating air pockets as it cooks. The lefse is cooked at high temperature until browned, and then left to dry.

Dried Hardangerlefse can be stored without refrigeration for six months or more, so long as it is kept dry. It is customarily thought that the bread (along with solefisk) was a staple on the seagoing voyages as far back as Viking times.

The lefse is dipped in water, and then placed within a towel. The lefse then regains its bread-like texture in about 20 minutes. Often that time is used to prepare ingredients such as eggs or herring which are wrapped in the lefse once it has softened.

Other options include adding cinnamon and/or sugar (my favourite), or spreading jelly or lingonberries upon it.

Normally $13.00, This Month Special $10.50

Kind Regards
Eva and Sven @ SweNZ Taste

Posted: Fri 19 Oct 2012