November Newsletter

November Newsletter

We have returned from our trip to Auckland and The Scandinavian Christmas Market. What a fantastic event, great to see so many of our customers and put a face to the names. A big thank you to the organizers - It really got me into the Xmas spirit!

In this newsletter we have:

  • More Stock has arrived!
  • New Items.
  • Glögg/Mulled Wine
  • Short Date Sales 
  • This Month’s Featured Product

More Stock has arrived

It's been a long wait, but the shipment with Glögg, Jam, Mustard and other 'must haves' for Xmas has finally arrived. Back in stock:

New Stock

As always when we order from Scandinavia we try to introduce some new flavours to you:

Mulled Wine (Glögg, Gløgg, Glögi)

Mulled wine is a beverage usually made with red wine along with various spices. It is served hot or warm and may be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. It is a traditional drink during winter, especially around Christmas.

At SweNZ Taste we can now offer you 4 different types of Mulled Wine:

Glögg, gløggglögi and similar words are the terms used for mulled wine in the Nordic countries. It is spelled gløgg in Norwegian and Danish, glögg in Swedish and Icelandic, glögi in Estonian and in Finnish.

Non-alcoholic and alcoholic versions of glögg can be bought ready-made or prepared with fruit juices instead of wine. The main classic ingredients (of alcoholic glögg) are red wine, sugar, spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, and bitter orange, and optionally also stronger spirits such as vodka, aquavit, or brandy. To prepare glögg, spices and/or spice extract are mixed into the wine, which is then heated to 60-70 °C (140-158 °F). Glögg is generally served with raisins, blanched almonds and Ginger biscuits (Ginger Snaps), and is a popular hot drink during the Christmas season.

In Sweden, ginger bread and lussebullar (also called lussekatter), a type of sweet bun with saffron and raisins, are typically served. It is also traditionally served at Julbord, the Christmas buffet. In Denmark, gløgg pairings typically include aebleskiver sprinkled with powdered sugar and accompanied with strawberry marmalade. In Norway, gløgg is paired with rice pudding (Norwegian: riskrem) are common. In such cases, the word graut-/grøtfest is more precise, taking the name from the rice pudding which is served as a course. Typically, gløgg is drunk before eating the rice pudding.

Glögg recipes vary widely; and the latest trend in Scandinavia is White wine glögg and Saffron Glögg.

Saffron is a spice that Scandinavians use a lot around Christmas so why not in the Glögg? Served warm it brings out the smell of Saffron but can also with advantage be served cold with ice, a hint of vodka or white wine which will give you a different fresh Christmas drink.  We have managed to source some of Brunneby Saffron Glögg for you to enjoy - Very suitable for the New Zealand Summertime Christmas!

Short Date Sale:

As always we have some items coming up with Short Best Before date. Please note Best Before Date is different from Expiry Date. For more information see this link.

For more Short Date Sales and other Bargains, please visit our Bargain Bin

This Months Featured Product

It's BBQ season!

Caj P's classic BBQ oil has been the taste of the Swedish summer BBQ since 1962! With its mild spiciness and flavor of onions, peppers, and vinegar it gives a lovely flavor to anything on the Barbeque. Perfect for everything grilled, especially to meats such as wild game, beef and turkey.

Normally: $10.50, This months special: $8.50














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Posted: Sun 10 Nov 2013