May Newsletter

May Newsletter

Welcome to another edition of our monthly newsletter.

I hope you have enjoyed Easter, Anzac and the School Holidays. We can really feel that winter is upon us here i Wellington. Personally I love the brisk days and darker evenings when you can light some candles and cuddle up in the sofa with a nice hot drink.

In this newsletter we have

  • Mothers Day
  • 17 Mai
  • Eurovision Song Contest
  • Short Date Sales
  • This Months Featured Product

Mothers Day:

I do appreciate a small gift for mothers day. But most important for me is spending the day with my family. Breakfast in bed (and yes I wont say no to cake for breakfast), kids making lunch and at the end of the day sitting down together having dinner as a family.

This year we have ready made marzipan lids for your cake - soo easy to use!

We are also pleased to offer you a mothers day special  on AMO Drømmekage mix - the well-loved Danish cake, with taste of vanilla, topped off with a coconut icing.

Check out our Mothers day section for some gift ideas - but most important - spoil your mum with love next Sunday!

And remember ALL mothers love chocolate :-) which is why we have kept our special on the Danish Carletti chocolate boxes going.

Syttende Mai


Norwegian Constitution Day is the National Day of Norway. All over Norway, children's parades with an abundance of flags form the central elements of the celebration. In addition to the children's parades the streets are filled with young and old, turning out in festive attire. Although May 17 is the National Day, it is an inclusive kind of nationalism. Therefore any foreigner who happens to be there on this day can expect to have a flag thrust into their hand and is welcome to join in with all activities. Syttende Mai is celebrated in many Norwegian immigrant communities throughout the world, with traditional foods and parades. (source:

Eurovision song contest 2013

The Eurovision Song Contest isl a BIG event in Scandinavia - Last year it was hosted in Malmö Sweden, with Denmark winning the contest. What a celebration! This year it will be hosted in Copenhagen, next Saturday 10th May. It will be grand!

There are 2 semi finals prior to the Grand Finale. This coming Tuesday and Thursday.

Get some friends together, treat them for some Scandinavian snacks and/or Candy and watch the contributions at:


This month’s short date sale:

Please note Best Before Date is different from Expiry Date. For more information see this link.

Further price reductions:

For more Short Date Sales and other Bargains, please visit our Bargain Bin

This month’s featured product:

JAKA Meatballs.

We all know that nothing beats mums meatballs. But sometimes the ready made ones are a better fit for purpose. Like in this case JAKA meatballs - great for Soups, stews and Spaghetti Napoli. These tiny meatballs (60 in a jar) also works perfect for nibbles.

I stumbled across this Danish recipe for Spaghetti Napoli ( from "Allatiders Kogebog" and they find JAKA Meatballs the preferred choice for this dish. 








Celebrate 17th of May!







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Kind Regards Eva and Sven @ SweNZ Taste

Posted: Sun 04 May 2014