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  • Abba Räkstuvning
    Abba Seafood is one of the well-known seafood providores.
    Räkstuvning is perfect in hot sandwiches and as a filling for pies, omelettes, crepes and custards. Also excellent to just heat up as sauces for both the pasta and fish.
    NZ$ 10.00 185g
  • Amanda Luksusrogn - Pressed cod roe
    Fully preserved pressed cod roe is a healthy alternative to other fully preserved meats.
    NZ$ 6.50 200g
  • Amanda Makrelguf - mackerel snack in tomato sauce
    Amanda mackerel are all MSC Certified.
    Rich in Omega-3 Fatty acid and D-vitamin.
    Enjoy these two as a healthy snack or a meal in its own.
    Free from artificial preservatives.
    NZ$ 9.00 190g
  • Bruna Bönor - Baked brown beans
    Swedish style baked brown beans. Called "Brown Beans". Prepared with molasses and brown sugar to taste, the bruna boner is sweet and sour with a little added vinegar.
    NZ$ 9.00 520g
  • Fish Quenelles in Bouillon
    Abba Seafood is one of the well-known seafood providores. The four flavours of fish quenelles offer a variety for every taste.
    NZ$ 11.00 375g
  • Grebbestads Ansjovis - Sprats - Scandinavian Anchovies
    Sprats = Anchovy fillets Scandinavian style. This is what the Scandinavians call Anchovy. The main ingredient in Jansons frestelse
    NZ$ 11.50 125g
  • Meatballs in Cream Sauce
    Traditional Swedish meatballs in Cream Sauce. Just heat and serve. Yum.
    NZ$ 15.50 560g
  • Soldatens Ärtsoppa - Split Pea Soup
    Yellow split pea soup with pork rind - just like in the army. A true classic.
    NZ$ 13.00 570g
  • Waldkauz Kantareller - Chantarelles
    Chantarelles in water. Simply drain and fry in butter or add to you sauce/stew.

    Product weight 190g of which chantarelles 110g
    NZ$ 10.50 190g/110g

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