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At SweNZ Taste you can find your favourite Scandinavian treat - Daim, Ahlgrens bilar, Tyrkisk Peber from Fazer, or may be Mmmmm Marabou chocolate.

  • Malaco Favorit Mix - Travelmix 400g Short Date Sale
    Favoritmix contains 5 of the malaco favourites - Enjoy!

    *** Short Date Sale BBF: 13/08/2016 ***
    NZ$ 20.00 400g
    NZ$ 2.00 400g
    Out Of Stock
  • Marabou Milk Chocolate with Daim
    Classic Marabou milk chocolate, Mmmmm.
    With bits of daim, to add extra Mmmmm.
    NZ$ 5.50 100g
    Out Of Stock
  • Odense Nougat - 150g
    Traditional Danish Chocolate Nougat - sweet soft nutty, a must for your Scandinavian baking.
    Try it thinly sliced in layers with marzipan for a perfect Christmas sweet treat.
    NZ$ 9.00 150g
    Out Of Stock
    Salty liquorice pastilles from Denmark.
    NZ$ 5.00 110g
    Out Of Stock
  • Pingvin Polet 250g
    A Large bag of Small liquorice "poletter"
    NZ$ 10.50 250g
    Out Of Stock
  • Salmiakki  - short date sale
    This is another great product of Cloetta Fazer - Fazer Salmiakki Mix wine gums with liquorice. With an extra strong salmiakki taste.

    *** Short date sale - BBF: 08/07/2017 ***
    NZ$ 6.00 180g
    NZ$ 4.00 180g
    Out Of Stock
  • Zoo
    Soft red lollies with a fruit flavour.

    These little monkeys are a long time favourite of many Scandinavians.
    NZ$ 3.50 80g
    Out Of Stock

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