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Christmas Order survey

I'm about to place my Christmas Order with my supplier. I'd really appreciate your input to help me gauge what quantity I need to buy- to avoid disappointment for Christmas.
Please note, this survey is not an order, or in any way binding. This is merely an indication on what you intend to buy for Christmas. You may be anonymous or supply you name - it's up to you.


Anchovy Herring -630g
Onion Herring large - 630g
Onion herring small - 250g
Dill herring small - 250g
Mustard Herring  - 250g
Matjes herring- 550g
Cod Roe Creme, 150g 
Red Lumpfish, 50g 
Black Lumpfish, 50g 
Leksand Crispbread
Leksand Crispbread multigrain
Swedish Rye Bread Mix
Lingonberry jam
Cloudberry Jam
Lingonberry juice concentrate  
Chanterelle Mushrooms
Gott o Blandat
Tyrkisk Peber
Marianne family bag
Ahlgrens Bilar
Marabou Milk Chocolate
Marabou Milk Chocolate with daim
Daim family bag

Julmust, 500ml 





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