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  • September newsletter
    Firstly, I'd like to say Thank You - to all of you. The response and feedback this first month has been amazing!

    Second, to those of you who filled out the Christmas feed back form - it's much appreciated! If you haven't already - please fill it out. I'm about to do my Christmas Order with my supplier and I struggle to figure out how much herring will I need...
    Posted: Sunday 12 September 2010
  • Welcome to SweNZ Taste - For all your Scandinavian Favourites. It's been a very exciting couple of weeks and now the food has finally arrived and passed all the inspections. We are now open for business!
    As we are just starting out our selection is limited, but we have "Kaviar" (Cod Roe Creme) and if you want some - you better hurry before my son has finished it all. As for most Swedish children - it's his favourite spread!
    Posted: Monday 23 August 2010

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