Princess Cake

Princess cake

(8-10 Servings)

For the sponge cake (you can buy a ready made sponge cake as well, or use your favorite recipe):
4 eggs
2 deciliter sugar
1 deciliter l flour
1 deciliter corn flour
2 tsp baking powder

Butter and crumb your baking form (approx 26cm in diameter).
Whisk egg and sugar. Mix flour, corn flour and baking powder and add carefully to the egg mixture.

Bake in oven, 175C for approx 40Min's, set to cool

1 cup Ekströms (Marsan) Vanilla custard
2 cups whipped cream
Strawberry or Raspberry jam
250g marzipan
Food coloring (normally green, and red for roses)

Split the sponge cake into 3 pieces.

On the bottom layer, start with a very thin layer of jam. Follow with a thick layer of Ekströms (Marsan) Vanilla custard. Add a little bit of whipped cream. Top with the second layer. Again, use a little bit of jam. Mix the remaining custard with a little bit of whipped cream. Spread this on the second layer. Top with the third layer. Top this with the whipped cream. Try to make it slightly rounded, higher in the middle. Cover the sides with a small layer of cream to make the marzipan stick.

Add a few drops of food coloring to the marzipan, if using green – be careful not to use to much. (save some of the marzipan if you want red roses as well.)
Roll the marzipan into a sheet that is approx 4cm wider than your cake.
Use icing sugar under the marzipan on to avoid the marzipan sticking to your baking table.
You can also sprinkle icingsugar on a clean table cloth and roll the marsipan between 2 clean table cloths, to make it easier to pick up from the table.

Roll the marzipan onto a round stick to ease the covering of the cake. This takes a bit of concentration. Form the marzipan around the cake and cut away any extra marzipan.

Use left over marzipan to shape leaves for your roses and if you saved some earlier color this red and shape roses.

Dust some icing sugar over the cake just before serving.