Gestus Ren Rå Marcipan - Pure Raw Marzipan - 400g

Gestus Ren Rå Marcipan - Pure Raw Marzipan - 400g
Odense Pure Raw Marcipan is a classic Danish quality label at its best.
The pure raw marcipan is processed on large original granite rolls, which gives the marcipan the very correct, rough structure. This consistency gives the perfect taste experience.

Pure Raw Marcipan has a high almond content of 63%
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Danish Marcipan/Swedish mandelmassa - Almond Paste - is similar to marzipan but marzipan contains more sugar than almond paste, and often contains additional ingredients such as food preserves and food coloring. Almond paste has much less sugar, typically 50-55% compared to 75-85% sugar for marzipan of cheap quality.

The almond paste consists of 50 % almonds and 50 % sugar which are mixed together for the perfect paste.

Just add icing sugar and water to make marzipan to the sweetness of your choice.