Fazer Crisp Rye - short date sale 22/04/2021

Fazer Crisp Rye - short date sale 22/04/2021
Rye bread is an essential part of Finnish culinary traditions. The thin rye crisp originates in the old custom of preserving bread by drying it.

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Healthy and delicious

Almost one-fifth of rye consists of fibre, which also brings several protective nutrients to the system. There is no other foodstuff that gives you as much fibre as rye. In addition to rye fibre, wholemeal rye is rich with other functional elements: minerals, vitamins, sterols, antioxidants and lignans.
Fazer Crisp Rye is made of wholegrain rye and the fibre content is 23g/100g

Fazer Crisp is a unique Finnish product using traditional baking methods and best ingredients.

When making Fazer Crisp the oat dough is rolled into a thin sheet which rises and then is baked at a high temperature. After baking the sheets are quickly torn through in the middle while still hot creating two very thin sheets. After tearing the sheets are cut into pieces and toasted so that the last moisture disappears and crisp acquires its delicate crispiness.

A must for your smorgasbord. Goes perfect with your Cod Roe creme or a slice of your favourite cheese. 


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