Diinglisar Musical Bunny

Diinglisar Musical Bunny
Pull my tail for a night-time lullaby!

Designed in Sweden the "Diinglisar" range is very well known in Scandinavia and now also Europe.   Many babies have a "Diinglisar" in one shape or the other!
What does "Diinglisar" mean?  Highly likely originates from the Swedish word "dingla", which means "dangle" - the "Diinglisar" animals all have gorgeous dangling legs and arms!

The "Wild" range consists of the Giraffe, Elephant, Lion and Tiger, and  have proven especially appealing to today's modern trendy parents who want something funky for their baby.  In the "Tame" range you will find the Cat, Mouse, Cow and Rabbit which have been especially  popular among Grand-parents, Aunties and Uncles buying that special gift.

Since Teddykompaniet is Swedish, safety is a given - especially when it comes to children.  All Teddykompaniet soft toys are tested to comply with current Swedish and European Safety regulations CE and EN71. All products are:

Child Safe—Plastic eyes, nose or any other details are pull proof. Seams and hems are also tested.
Flame and Fire Resistant—The products cannot catch fire and are flame resistant.
Toxic Free—All colours/dyes used for in the fabric are toxic free and any plastic components are made from toxic free substances.
Washable—Apart from the musical toys, all products can be washed at 40 degrees in the washing machine. Musical toys are surface washable only.

NZ$ 32.50 including GST