Blå band Hollandaisesås - Hollandaise sauce - 3pack

Blå band Hollandaisesås - Hollandaise sauce - 3pack
Instant Scandinavian gravy mix. Just add milk and butter for a full bodied gravy.
Hollandaise, with its characteristic flavour, is the popular sauce from the french kitchen. It is best served with fish and seafood dishes. It is also great with asparagus and other vegetables, as well as in fish au gratin.
Blå Band classic sauces help you make every dinner a success.
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Béarnaise is a variation of Hollandaise sauce, invented by Chef Jules Colette at the Paris restaurant called Le Pavilion It was named Béarnaise in honor of Henri IV as he was born in Bearn, France (a region in the Pyrenees mountain range in southwest France). It is said that every chef at the restaurant tried to claim the recipe as his own.