Nyponsoppa - Rosehip Soup - 5litre

Nyponsoppa - Rosehip Soup - 5litre
Rosehip soup is a soup made of rosehips and is a popular delicacy/snack in Scandinavia. Rich in fibre and vitamin C.
Large pack - Makes up to 5L.
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Rosehip Soup is often served as a beverage or as a dessert with milk, cream or vanilla ice cream. Tiny almond biscuits are a very common addition when it's eaten as a dessert.
Some also eat it for breakfast, but the types of soup for that purpose are generally a little simpler, meaning, lower in fruit content and a bit more watery. In this case, a few people like to add broken up crisp bread instead.

Nypon or rose hips are the fruit of wild roses found in Scandinavia. The hips form after the rose petals have fallen off. They are picked when ripe and red and after the first frost in the fall, then carefully dried. Rose hips have a particularly high amount of Vitamin C.