VP Anchovy spiced herring - 550g - short date sale - BBF: 19/05/2021

VP Anchovy spiced herring - 550g - short date sale - BBF: 19/05/2021
Traditional Swedish herrings, prepared to a classic recipe.
The perfect flavour for your Janssons Temptation.
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In Scandinavia, types of Swedish sprat fillets canned in spice brine are used to flavor many local dishes, like Janssons temptation.

These fillets are called anchovies in Sweden and Finland alike, although they are prepared from a small sardine-like fish sprat (Sprattus sprattus) and not from the genuine anchovy (Engraulis encrasicholus).

Swedish canned sprat fillets have a distinctive flavor and their taste differs greatly from that of real anchovy fillets. This is an important fact to know when preparing original Swedish or Finnish dishes that call for anchovies to be used, thus meaning Swedish canned sprats.

Anchovy Flavored Herring Fillets has the same distinctive taste and can be used to prepare these dishes. When using Anchovy Flavored Herring Fillets, please substitute a 125g Swedish Anchovy can with 8-10 finely chopped Anchovy Flavored Herring Fillets.

For a scrumptious recipe on the traditional Jansons Temptation or a lighter alternative, Mormor's Anchovy Roll please visit our recipe page.