Thermasorb Chill Wrap - slicka pad gel ice

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Thermasorb Chill Wrap - slicka pad gel ice
Compact to store
Fast hydration
Easy to prepare and handle
More cooling power than wet ice
Safe for food contact.

141mm x 385mm
NZ$ 2.00 including GST
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Comes as thin sheets that needs to be soaked before freezeing.


Thermasorb Chill Wrap™ Ice Replacement (or gel ice or slicka pad or coolant) keeps products chilled and fresh.

Thermasorb Chill Wrap™ Ice Replacement (or gel ice or slicka pad or coolant) uses the water-loving (hydrophylic) action of a special salt in a spectacular way!

In short, Chill Wrap works by:
Absorbing water through the fabric surface
Trapping the water in a damp gel that can't escape through the fabric
Freezing the gel to make ice
Because of the cellular structure the ice remains flexible
It can't leak when thawed because the gel particles are too big to fit through the fabric.

An ice replacement product using Sodium Polyacrylate Super Absorbent Powder encapsulated between a sheet of
polyester film and a non-woven fabric. A cellular layout is used to provide flexibility.
When placed in water the fabric “wicks” water into contact with the Super Absorbent Powder.
The water contacts the powder and is strongly attracted to it, forming a harmless damp gel.
The gel particles are too large to pass back through the fabric. When frozen,
Chill Wrap provides a non-leaking, flexible ice replacement with excellent heat absorption properties. No adhesives are
used in the manufacturing process. All contactable surfaces are approved for direct contact with foodstuffs.

6 cells long x 2 cells wide
141mm x 385mm