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SweNZ Taste is an online shopping site where you can not only shop for your favourite scandinavian products, but also discover new interesting taste teasers.

Ahlgrens Cars
"Sweden's most sold car". Chewy Candy Cars that have a wonderful flavor and texture.
DAIM, family bag
Daim is a almond caramel core coated in smooth milk chocolate – simply addictive.
Marabou Milk Chocolate
Classic Marabou milk chocolate, Mmmmm
NZ$ 5.00 Bag incl GST
NZ$ 11.25 Bag incl GST
NZ$ 5.00 Bar incl GST

Tyrkisk Peber
Danish for "Turkish Pepper". Made in Finland. Tyrkisk Peber is a hard, very salty licorice with a delicious spicy taste. These are very addictive!
NZ$ 5.50 Bag incl GST