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SweNZ Taste is an online shopping site where you can not only shop for your favourite scandinavian products, but also discover new interesting taste teasers.

Our products range from Marinated herrings to Caviar and for the sweet tooth some very special swedish treats like DAIM and Ahlgrens Bilar (The biggests selling car in Sweden, ever...).

We have split the pantry into 2 categories to make it easier for you. Please click on the Food basket to browse all our fantastic food. If you are after some treats, please click on the Candy Basket.

Food Candy  
We are doing our best to get your taste buds tickling. Swedish Herring, Crispbread, the favourite Swedish spread - Cod Roe Creme or maybe a ginger snap with your Lindvall's coffee?
Please come in a browse for your favourite Swedish treat - Daim, bilar, Tyrkisk Peber, or may be Mmmmm Marabou chocolate.