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SweNZ Imports Ltd / SweNZ Taste is a family owned and operated import company opened in August 2010. Our aim is to provide you with all your Scandinavian Favourites.

SweNZ Taste is an online shopping site were you can not only shop for your favourite scandinavian products, but also discover new interesting taste teasers. Our products range from Marinated herrings to Caviar and for the sweet tooth some very special swedish treats like DAIM and Ahlgrens Bilar (The biggests selling car in Sweden, ever...).

As our product range is changing over time and by demand, we recommend that you sign up for our news letter, to keep up to date with the changes. We will also be offering seasonal products for a limited time, eg christmas products such as "Julmust" - Special Christmas soft drink, and "Aladdin Chocolates".

For special offers, please visit our bargain bin, where you will find exceptionally good prices. Please make sure you bookmark our page for quicker access in the future.

We are doing our best to keep prices down. Unfortunately we do not have a shop floor for you to visit, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions in regards to our products.

In time we are aiming to increase our selection of goods. We would love to hear from you if you have any special requests. We have already have many requests for Swedish snuff (snus), but unfortunately sale of Swedish Snuff (snus) is banned and can only be imported for personal use.